Return Instructions

Instructions for returning pumps and components to Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corporation for repair or evaluation

Any pump or component being returned to Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp (LATC) for the purpose of repair or warranty claim is to be shipped prepaid. The item must be cleaned of all oil, gas, lubricants, heating/cooling media and any other hazardous materials prior to shipment. If, for any reason, there is product left in the item, an MSDS sheet for the fluid must be included with the shipment, or delivery may be refused.

Every pump or component must have a unique RMA number, which should be marked on the outside of the package. Contact LATC for an RMA number. In addition, the attached RMA questionnaire should be completed and emailed to:

A copy of the questionnaire should be included with the returned item.

The item should be shipped to:

Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp.
165 Chestnut Street
Allendale, NJ 07401

Our receiving hours are 8 am – 4 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

For items manufactured by a third party, LATC will provide specific shipping instructions with the RMA.

The cost of the initial teardown and inspection is $150.00 per item. For items manufactured by a third party, their inspection charges will apply. These charges will be supplied with the RMA. Please note that additional cleaning and disposal charges may apply if the item is received with product still in it. A purchase order must be issued to LATC prior to receipt of the shipment for both warranty and general repair requests.

After the inspection is completed, a report will be generated listing the condition of the item and any necessary repairs. If the item is repaired or replaced, the $150.00 inspection fee will be waived. If no action is authorized, the $150.00 inspection fee will apply and the item will not be returned, unless requested in writing. If the item is returned to the customer unrepaired, a $200.00 packaging fee will be charged in addition to the inspection fee. Any return freight charges will be the purchaser’s responsibility.

For warranty claims, if the item is determined to be covered by warranty, the inspection fee will be waived and the defective parts will be replaced in accordance with the original equipment purchase terms and conditions.

Leistritz Shop Rate Schedule

Standard $115.00 per hour
Rate Multipliers:
Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm Rate x 1.0
Monday through Friday Over 8 hours Rate x 1.5
Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm Rate x 1.5
Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm Rate x 2.0