Screw Pumps

Leistritz Series of Screw Pumps

Leistritz offers twin, triple and quintuple screw, self-priming positive displacement pumps in single or double cartridge versions for a wide pressure range. Our screw pumps are used for pumping various fluids with different viscosities.

The intelligent design of the Leistritz screw pumps offers enormous advantages over other pump technologies, including:

  • Low-pulsation pumping of the fluid
  • Extremely low vibration and noise
  • High flow rates
  • Pumping a wide range of viscosities
  • Low-wear operation
  • Long service life

We are constantly working on improving our products and processes. Leistritz is synonymous for precision, quality, operating safety and durability. Not only do we invest in cutting-edge production facilities, but also in the knowledge of our employees with continuous training and programs to constantly gather customer feedback.

There are rising demands on pump manufacturers regarding wear protection, service life and flow rate. This requires the use of state-of-the-art machine technology and process chains that are ideally coordinated with one another. To accomplish this high standard we produce the screws and housings, the core elements of the Leistritz pumps, ourselves for ultimate precision because of our high level of production knowledge for market integration.

Fluid pump systems

Leistritz manufactures more than just individual pumps. In addition to the standard pump units in which screw pumps and the drive are mounted on a base plate, Leistritz also supplies complete pump systems for various fluid applications. They include, among other things, variable speed drives, sealing oil systems, external lubrication systems, instrumentation- and control systems.

Fluid Pump Systems

Example of a pump system

  • Mobile crude oil transfer pump
  • L4 range
  • 700 kW large diesel unit with exhaust gas line
  • Integrated control system