Multiphase Gathering System (MGS)

The Leistritz Multiphase Gathering System (MGSs) are expandable versions of the MWS, designed to handle production from multiple wells. Individual MGSs handle total flow rates up to 550,000 bpde and differential pressures up to 1400 psi. These systems are fully automated and can be expanded to operate multiple MGSs in parallel for facilities requiring additional flow capacity.

Multiphase Gathering System Multiphase Gathering System


  • Lower overall gathering system pressure, allowing low producing wells to overcome flow line pressure from high producing wells.
  • Reduce the amount of gas lift and/or assist down-hole pumps.

Scope of Supply

  • Leistritz Multiphase Pump
  • Seal oil system, API plan 53B (2 per pump) or 54 (size dependent)
  • Lube oil system, API 614, chapter 3 (size dependent)
  • Inverter duty electric motor (1800 rpm)
  • Spacer coupling and guard
  • Structural steel skid with raised rim and common drain (foundation mount)
  • Suction piping with strainer and manual isolation valve
  • Discharge piping with liquid knock-out boot, check valve, manual isolation valve and full flow relief valve (piped to suction)
  • Bypass piping with check valve
  • Instrumentation (reference applicable P&ID) and on skid wiring to junction box
  • Seal drain collection tank with monitoring
  • VFD and PLC (shipped loose for mounting and wiring in climate controlled enclosure by others)

Required Utilities

  • Initial liquid fill of liquid knock-out boot
  • Electricity – motor, seal and lube oil systems and instruments
  • Initial oil fill of seal and lube oil systems

System and Area Classification

  • MGS Low Pressure – 300 lb. system
  • MGS High Pressure – 600 lb. system
  • Class I, Division II

Optional Items

  • 3600 rpm Driver
  • Up to 2000 psi inlet pressure
  • Natural gas engine or diesel engine driver
  • API baseplate
  • Actuated valves
  • Cooler
  • Offshore classifications
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