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Overview | Application Data Sheet | Installations | Sub Sea | MPP Literature | Systems Layout | VideosContacts Multiphase Pumps: A Minimal Approach to Surface Production Technology For more than fifty years, the Oil and Gas Industry has relied on Twin-Screw Pumps to operate reliably and economically in crude oil applications. The benefits of this positive displacement machine are easily recognized: few moving parts, gas tolerance, operable at typical motor speeds, and hydraulically balanced. In the late 1980s the industry demanded one more feature from Twin-Screw Pumps: the ability to displace untreated well flow through one piece of equipment. The result… the Leistritz Multiphase Pump. Leistritz Multiphase Pumps are connected upstream of any process equipment. This eliminates the need for onsite separators, heater treaters, wash tanks, crude/water tanks, complicated control systems, separate gas/oil pipelines, multiple pieces of rotating equipment and flaring. The utilization of Multiphase Pumps at the well pad and/or gathering facilities allows operators to centralize process facilities, reduce the local environmental impact and footprint at the well site and most importantly – operate safely and reliably. Leistritz Multiphase Production Systems Leistritz offers a complete line of standard Multiphase Production Systems (MPS) designed to address four specific Oil and Gas Field applications. Each MPS can reliably and economically boost production rates. Capitalizing on Leistritz’ Multiphase Pump technology, our standard MPSs are designed specifically for Wellhead, Gathering, Liquid Blow Down and Liquid Unloading applications. All Systems are fully supported by our experienced engineering and service personnel.