Aerospace Manufacturing

Saving energy and thereby costs plays an important role in many industries. In aviation, this is best realized by reducing weight. The use of hollow shafts in the drive, for example, offers substantial potential for lightweight construction. In opposite to traditional methods, with Leistritz whirling machines, the highest cutting volumes and a very high level of accuracy can be achieved – even when machining titanium materials. Our machining solutions also convince due to their high level of flexibility, which has great effects when manufacturing small batch sizes.


Ball screw manufacturing

Ball screws

  • shorter manufacturing times
  • hard and soft machining on one machine
  • dry machining
  • hollow shaft machining, even with hardened materials
Trapezoidal spindle manufacturing

Trapezoidal spindles

  • left or right leads in one set up
  • hollow shaft machining without reduced quality
  • machining of high-strength materials
  • dry machining
Machines for manufacturing ball screws and trapezoidal spindles
LWN 90
LWN 120
LWN 160 HP
LWN 190
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