Remote Diagnostics of Whirling Machine


Remote Diagnostics Workstation

Remote Diagnostics of Whirling Machine Whirling Machine at Customer’s Shop Leistritz whirling machines can now be equipped with remote diagnostic software. This option provides customers with quick on-line problem solving analysis of their machine by skilled Leistritz technical support personnel. Machine problems such as programming difficulties, electronic and mechanical error messages can be diagnosed and in most cases solved. Customers also benefit from the added advantage of working with Leistritz application engineers who can help with application difficulties. Remote Diagnostic Functions:
  • Simple softkey operation to set machine control into remote diagnostic mode
  • Leistritz diagnostic personnel have the same functionality and screen data as machine operator
  • Quick analysis of machine operations and error messages
  • Data Transfer of CNC programs, machine parameters and PLC software
  • Message transmissions can be exchanged between the machine operator and technical support personnel in either direction through the CNC control