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The Machine Tools of Leistritz Production Technology are the showpieces in manufacturing halls all over the world. Our machine tools offer solutions for highly demanding and sophisticated manufacturing tasks. Our tools are characterized by high precision, flexibility and outstanding performance.

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Our Commitment to Excellence

Machine Tools ISO Certification

For more than 25 years LEISTRITZ whirling machines have been at the cutting edge of the metalworking industry. A pioneer in the art of modern day whirling, LEISTRITZ is the company that developed such concepts as modular machine designs, whirling hardened materials, CASEM (Computer Aided Screw Engineering and Manufacturing) programming software and our (Patented) tangential whirling ring, toolholder and insert system. A world leader in whirling technology, LEISTRITZ continues to change the face of the metal cutting industry with technologically advanced machine designs.

LEISTRITZ engineers, technicians and sales people have dedicated themselves to improving our customers’ manufacturing process with high quality machines, tooling and service. We strive to produce the most dependable machine tools in the industry and we continually provide our customers with the highest level of service and support to ensure consistent performance of each machine year after year. Our commitment is to continually up-grade our products with the latest state-of-the-art technology while enhancing existing designs with improved capabilities and innovations. LEISTRITZ understands the importance of keeping up with and satisfying today’s changing customer requirements, expectations and needs.

LEISTRITZ AG of Germany is certified to ISO 9001 standards. Our quality policy addresses the concerns of our customers, and is committed to exceeding those quality standards through continuous improvement and training. With over 1,300 employees within the LEISTRITZ family producing quality products for customers throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America, we are at the forefront of the international marketplace. Closely working with all of our customers and by addressing their constantly changing manufacturing needs, we can and will develop a more intimate and long term working relationships.