A 30 Year Milestone Celebration!

As the Leistritz family looks forward with anticipation, we also look back with admiration. Today we look back upon the tenure of Jack Oriente, Leistritz Shop Manager for 30 years. Jack is a self-taught machinist, whose fascination for fabrication began back in 1979 when he began rebuilding a ‘56 Chevy Belair. In 1983 he won an award for outstanding detail on that rebuild. Thirty-seven years later and Jack continues to display that same level of detail with every one of the nearly one-thousand pumps he has worked on in the last 30 years.


Optimizing Lube Oil Pumps for Rotating Machinery

A three-screw pump can provide smooth, pulsation-free flow.
by Sven Olson

The circulating lubrication oil system is essential for cooling and lubricating all kinds of rotating machinery. In typical train steams or gas turbines, diesel engines, reduction or step-up gears, compressors, generators, pumps or expanders could be included. The oil system includes a number of components for which the pumps provide adequate flow and pressure—such as the gears, journal and thrust bearings in the machinery. The cooling and filtering of the oil are equally dependent on pump flow and pressure to function properly.


Multiphase Technologies Increase Production Rates

The American Oil & Gas Reporter
February 2020

In today’s oil field economy, it makes a lot of sense for operators to be well informed about improvements and enhancements to conventional artificial lift methods to optimize and extend production from producing reservoirs.


Leistritz Has a Lock on Precision Products

Manufacturing Best Practices
January 23, 2020

Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp. recently delivered a machine to a customer so it could produce lead screws for a large aerospace manufacturer. Attila B. Catto, president of the Leistritz Machine Tools division, explains the customer chose the Leistritz machine because it needed to use a space-age material, and no other manufacturer could provide the same tool life and production capability as Leistritz’s machine.